Service You Can Trust


Below  is a picture you have to see.  We define patriotism, render respect and honor and pay tribute in many ways.  Some people have a different level of devotion and a different level of pride, some just show it differently.
Regardless, it is what's in your heart that matters.  As you open the picture below think of the millions of Americans who have come before us, served their country and then come home only to be forgotten, left behind and in some cases, even discarded by the same people they fought to defend.
Remember those who valiantly served and were cursed when they came home.
The gentleman in this attachment is unknown to me.  I don't know who he is, where he has been or even if he ever served a day in the military.  BUT, by his action I would be willing to bet that he served his country, proudly and with honor, and in his heart is still serving by doing all that he can to show his love for his country.
 God Bless the USA