For Products You Can Trust, Trust Texaco



The Oklahoma Historical Society with about 200 attendees met in Miami, OK for their annual meeting for 2012. Included in the annual awards was the Dobson Museum as The Outstanding Local Historical Museum in the State of Oklahoma. So I drove to Oklahoma for the event and to assist with the tour of the museum. Our former Associate and Friend Shariq Yosufzai sent a nice letter of congratulations from Chevron's Home Office to the Officers and Volunteers at the museum who worked so hard to bring this museum up to a high level of quality and win this award. I had the letter framed and drove to Oklahoma for the Meetings and Annual Awards Luncheon. The Texaco Brand was noted many times during the event and all our Texaco Friends would have been pleased to be there, it was great! I thought of all those who have provided Texaco Items to make this collection even more special and especially send my thanks to them. The website is still active and I update something every once in awhile so you may wish to take a look to see if anything new since last view.

Trust you all doing well -